Wednesday, 26 October 2016

SEO Pricing Factors that can’t be ignored

The knowledge about SEO pricing is a huge factor that can help business owners to understand the cost of high quality SEO service. It is one of the most consistent issues that pop up among business owners intending to acquire SEO services.

It has been quite unfortunate that clients often attach unrealistic expectations after handing over the project to marketers. The main reason is that marketers fail to give an overview about possible outcome even if the best practices are deployed. This type of miscommunication can lead to complications in the project.

Talking about client’s expectations about outcome of marketing efforts, this process is referred to as proposal building. Proposal is influenced by price; i.e. better results can be expected with bigger expenditures, whereas quality factor is usually ignored with cheaper rates. However, the analysis of proposal from cost vs. value perspective isn’t that simpler. There are many other factors that come into play. High price for high quality service is an understandable notion but it doesn’t mean that every website requires intensive operation to be able to compete. An already SEO friendly website definitely required lesser work and hence the cost of that work cannot be higher. This is the reason that understanding correlation between cost and value of work is necessary for clients.

Some aspects that need to be taken into consideration are as under.

Website’s page count and overall condition
Websites with less number of pages are easier to optimize. Smaller websites rarely have architectural complications which are quite usual in the larger websites. However, it’s not a hard and fast rule that Indianapolis SEO of small websites is always going to be cheaper. The structures of some of small websites are so bad that they can’t be optimized unless a complete revamp is performed.

Larger websites, on the other hand, are more exposed to get complications developed in architecture and overall optimization because these websites undergo content modification on regular basis. The complications in these websites can affect user experience which plays critical role. Hence, larger websites need to be dealt with from different angles when optimization is required. Hence, the cost of this optimization would understandably be higher. It is worth mentioning here that not every big website, due to its already good architecture, needs intensive optimization work. In that case, the client can expect lesser cost for the tweak work.

Optimization requirement isn’t only factor that digital marketers take into the account while setting the price of any campaign. Competition in respective niche also plays critical role in this perspective. What technologies at what level are being employed by competitors is what the marketers need to focus in order to develop a robust digital marketing plan. This factor undisputedly raises the price of project.


The type of results you want get also decides the price that you will need to pay. If your plan is to start slow and steady and letting the momentum come with the time, you definitely not need extravagant services. You will need to pay higher price if you want to keep up with the competition only to make sure that you don’t lose sales. Lastly, it is going to cost you huge from money spending perspective if your aggressive intent is to dominate the entire niche.

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